Debunking Reformed Theology in 2012

Ever since I attend Reformed (Calvinist) church, I hardly sympathetic to their way of preaching by spending considerable amount of their time by criticizing other denominations (most frequently Charismatics, but some portions are reserved for Catholics and Islam). I said this thing after I attend their service for SIX years.

However, I must admit that their preacher usually have done their homework. That is, they seem really analyze and meditate every verses of Scripture and come with their own interpretation. Most of the times their exegesis is reasonable and able to explain most of difficult passages, which disturbed me during high school. Most of the pastors nowadays deliver too simple sermon or politically correct sermons and even wrong. In my church in Indonesia, I use to hear sermon that depiction of atomic bomb is in Scripture. With such horrible standard, no wonder it attracts me to attend their service. So, I decide to tolerate their style of preaching because of their good sermon.

But unfortunately I found out that in addition to Pharisee and Taliban-like preaching style, what have been taught to me are mostly wrong….and frankly speaking, some of their teachings are even more dangerous than often condemned prosperity theology. So I will begin to expose their trademark doctrines:

1) TULIP Doctrine (Summary of Reformed faith based on Westminister Confession. T – Total Depravity, U – Unconditional Election, L – Limited Atonement, I – Irresistible Grace, P – Perseverance of the Saints). It is more well-known as predestination doctrine.

2) Cultural Mandate – The belief that every aspects in  this world should be brought in accordance to Biblical principle. It is more well-known in Western countries as Dominion Theology.

3) Cessationism – The belief that supernatural spiritual gifts (charismata) cease (or rarely exist) to function in this present day. The implication is that all (or most) miracles which are performed in Charismatic churches have demonic origin.

In first 5 weeks of 2012, I will start to explain why TULIP doctrine is wrong and why it is important for us to know it is wrong. On next post, I will debunk first point of TULIP (Total Depravity).

About edwinlt

I am currently Indonesian expatriate working in Singapore. I am currently working as security researcher in National University of Singapore. I write this blog to share to readers about my life principle on various aspects, like religion, politics, business, relationship, and technology. I am interested in alternative worldviews because I found that many things taught to us by establishments are not true and harmful. My dream is to become self-sufficient in food and energy. Hopefully, someday I can have my own fruit garden and my own power plant and able to sell my electricity to power company. I hope readers enjoy my blog.
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