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Debunking TULIP – Introduction to Open Theism

Since I have introduced to you about TULIP, I decided to just debunk the concept of God’s exhaustive foreknowledge. The reason is that once this concept is collapse then all points of TULIP will collapse as well. Virtually all classical … Continue reading

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Debunking Idea of Technological Progress

The common Idea of Progress is that as human species evolves through evolutionary stages, we will become better species through various means such as scientific and technological innovations, better political, economical, educational and social system without causing any or little … Continue reading

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Debunking Dominion Theology (cultural mandate)

The main thesis of dominion theology is that Holy Bible contains all necessary information needed to run major aspects of society. Those aspects include politics, economy, social, education, work, and so on. The job of Christians are therefore to find … Continue reading

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