Detail analysis of Book of Enoch – Part 2 (Book of Watchers)

In its complete form, the Book of Enoch is not one manuscript. It is a composite of several manuscripts written by several authors. Enoch and Noah each have pieces of the book ascribed to them. The book consists of five distinct sections:

  • (1 Enoch 1 – 36) – The Book of Watchers
  • (1 Enoch 37 – 71) – The Book of Parables
  • (1 Enoch 72 – 82) – The Book of the Heavenly Luminaries
  • (1 Enoch 83 – 90) – The Dream Visions, also called the Book of Dreams
  • (1 Enoch 91 – 108) – The Epistle of Enoch

In this post, I will summarize the content for The Book of Watchers.

The Book of Watchers is opened by general statements that God will be with His righteous people and will execute judgement to wicked and ungodly people (1 Enoch 1: 9). For sinners, there will be curses and they shall perish and be destroyed (1 Enoch 5: 5). However, for God’s chosen people there will be forgiveness of sins, mercy, peace, forbearance, and joy (1 Enoch 5: 7).

After this, the drama began. There were angels that made conspiracy to commit sin by going down from heaven because they saw beautiful women on earth (1 Enoch 6: 2-4). Their offspring become giants who turned against humans and animals. Apparently, they also can be considered as cannibals and vampires since they ate flesh and drank blood (1 Enoch 7: 5).

Then, God’s archangels brought the report to God about what those rebellious angels have done on earth. God instructed Noah to hide himself since the whole earth will be destroyed.  God ordered those rebellious angels to be bounded on earth (1 Enoch 10: 4, 11) and to destroy their offspring (1 Enoch 10: 15). And then God appointed Enoch to tell His judgement to Watchers (1 Enoch 12: 4-6). (name for those rebellious angels). Watchers asked Enoch to pray for them so that their sins would be forgiven by God but then their wishes were not granted (1 Enoch 14: 4-5).

After this, Enoch was also brought to various places in spiritual realms. He was told about archangels and their respective duty (1 Enoch 20: 1-8).There is a place for temporary rest for souls of the dead (1 Enoch 22: 3). There are various plants in heaven such as nard, cinnamon, and pepper (1 Enoch 32: 1). There is tree of knowledge (1 Enoch 33: 3) (presumably the same tree of knowledge from which Adam and Eve ate its fruit). This book was closed by Enoch’s thanksgiving to Lord which has shown the greatness of His work to the angels, spirits and men (1 Enoch 36: 4)

Several controversial points to note:

1) Angels have physical ability to do sexual intercourse with women and making them pregnantThis point would be impulsive to some, especially to those interpreting Lord Jesus’ statement on angels in Matthews 22: 29-30 as their inability to have sexual relationship. However, Lord Jesus was talking about angels in heaven. We knew from the Bible that we can see and entertain angel without knowing (Hebrew 13: 2). Angels can also eat (Genesis 19: 3). So, since they have physical body and able to eat, it is not reasonable to think that they also can do sexual intercourse.

2) The offspring between angel and human are monstrous giants. We are told that those giants consumed all the work and toil of men. They also ate flesh and drank blood (1 Enoch 7: 4-5). They shall be called evil spirits on the earth (1 Enoch 15: 8). They take no food but will not hungry or thirsty (1 Enoch 15: 11). After this, God sent flood to eliminate these beings on earth. However, we are told that some of these beings escaped and became descendants of Canaanites (Numbers 13: 33).  Interesting question to ask: Are there giant fossils in Mediterranean area to confirm this?

3) Some science and technologies on earth were originated in heaven. As strange as it is, it seems that according to this book, some technologies which we know in the world today are originated from heaven, brought down and taught by fallen angels (Watchers) to make human more powerful and potentially did more sins. The following lists are knowledge and technologies brought by fallen angels:

  • Azazel taught men how to make weaponry, metalworking, jewelry making, and cosmetics (1 Enoch 8: 1).
  • Semjaza taught spells and counter-spells (witchcraft) and root-cutting (botany?) (1 Enoch 8: 3).
  • Baraqijal taught astrology (1 Enoch 8: 3).
  • Kokabel taught constellations (astronomy?) (1 Enoch 8: 3).
  • Ezeqeel taught knowledge of the clouds (meteorology?) (1 Enoch 8: 3).
  • Araqiel taught signs of the earth (geology?) (1 Enoch 8: 3).
  • Shamsiel taught signs of the sun (1 Enoch 8: 3).
  • Sariel taught course of the moon (1 Enoch 8: 3).

Lesser important notes:

1) Name of archangels and their dutiesIn Old and New Testament, there are only two archangels whose name were mentioned (Michael and Gabriel). In 1 Enoch 20: 1-8, we were told there are 7 archangels:

  • Uriel is holy angel who is over the world, turmoil and terror.
  • Raphael is holy angel who is over the spirits of men.
  • Raguel is holy angel who takes vengeance on the world of the luminaries.
  • Michael is holy angel who set over the virtues of mankind and over chaos.
  • Saraquel is holy angel who set over the spirits who sin spiritually.
  • Gabriel is holy angel who is over Paradise, serpents and the Cherubim.
  • Remiel is holy angel whom God set over those who rise.

So, that’s it! A lot of extra-biblical revelation for sure. But is it authentic? I left the decision to each reader.

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