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Resting – a lost virtue in the modern era

Exodus 31: 14-15 – Observe the Sabbath, because it is holy to you. Anyone who desecrates it must be put to death; whoever does any work on that day must be cut off from his people. For six days, work is … Continue reading

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Psalms 104 – Praise to God for nature

In the world which is full with technological inventions fueled by unlimited human greed and ideology of progress, it is easy to forget that we are still depending on God’s creations which is nature to provide our basic needs. We … Continue reading

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Respectable jobs and despicable jobs

When I was a teenager, my main consideration for choosing a field that will become my major is job prospect and money. My passion during that time is on mathematics but since mathematics is not really practical skills that can … Continue reading

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Champions League Match 4 – Klopp outmaneuvered Mourinho, first lost for Barca, easy for Bayern

After winning two consecutive Bundesliga in 2011 and 2012 and thrashing Bayern with 5-2 at DFB-Pokal final, very few people doubt that Dortmund is a good team. The players like Mario Gotze, Shinji Kagawa, Lukasz Piszczek, Matt Hummels and Robert … Continue reading

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Cleanliness in Old Testament – unclean foods, ejaculation and menstruation

Among evangelical churches, the topic of holiness is emphasized quite a lot. We are warned against backsliding, to check ourselves whether we have any hidden sins in our life, and whether we continue our daily meditation and prayer to the … Continue reading

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