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Champions League Semifinal Leg 1: Bayern vs Barcelona 4-0

I am completely amazed, delighted and surprised at the same time during the match yesterday. I mean, you do not expect to win 4-0 against the best team in the world…But right now, it is clear to me that Heynckes … Continue reading

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Book Review – Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander

Introduction It has been said by some people that the reason why supernatural things become more popular by the end of last century is because people want to escape the routine life process. Since supernatural things do not happen routinely … Continue reading

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Seven reasons why horse is better than car

In my previous post, I have discussed on how ruling elites (government, corporations and banks) have relentlessly promoted this idea of progress to brainwash population. It is done so that they can get money, power and influence to average, uninformed … Continue reading

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Five reasons why book is better than computer

In modern times, the corporate elites and mass media have very powerful impact to daily life of average people. We have been told continuously in the school, university and society that we are better than ancient people because we have … Continue reading

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Champions League Quarter-Final, Leg 1, Day 1: PSG 2-2 Barcelona, Bayern 2-0 Juventus

I was about to watch Bayern v Juventus last night. Unfortunately, there was no live broadcast shown on television at food court near my apartment in where I watched semi-final and final last year. Apparently, they felt that QF did … Continue reading

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