Seven reasons why horse is better than car

Horse vs car

In my previous post, I have discussed on how ruling elites (government, corporations and banks) have relentlessly promoted this idea of progress to brainwash population. It is done so that they can get money, power and influence to average, uninformed and uncritical masses to satisfy their greed and ambition. Additionally, they want the masses to continue depending more and more to them until we lose ourselves, our personality, principles, and relation to our community.

The elite has been promoting that newer technologies equal better life for everyone without any side effects. They have done so with information technology. Ask average people and you will find out majority of them believe that computer is superior to book in every aspect. As I have shown in my previous article, it is not the case.

It is almost the same case with transportation technology. Before the development of automobile industry, almost all people use horse as mean of transportation. Obviously, as those people said, horse is far slower and probably more difficult to handle than car. However, like all propaganda, they just tell you one side of the story. Here are seven reasons why horse would be better option than car as mean of transportation:

1. Horse causes no traffic jam

In my home country, traffic jam caused by overcrowded car has become chronic problem. Traffic jam causes stress, time waste, pollution, and many more. It also causes more hidden cost by construction of many traffic lights, fly-overs and underpasses, and so on.

In contrast, it is less likely that horse can cause traffic jam. Horse consumes far less space than car. Additionally, horse does not need to be managed traffic light since it travels with much slower speed and can stop faster than car. Since there is no need to manage it by traffic light, there will be no traffic jam.

2. Horse causes no (or less) pollution

Pollution caused by automobile industry caused a lot of problems for human health such as asthma, respiratory diseases, heart disease and possibly cancers. It also destroys and reduces crop production.

In contrast, horse does not emit toxic lead or carbon monoxide which can cause hazard to living creatures. Some people may say that horse produces manure. However, manure is only pollutant if it is on railroad since it cannot absorb organic material. If manure drop on soil, it is a nutrient to the land.

3. Horse handles rocky surface better than car

Even fastest car will not be able to run on rocky ground. As you know that naturally most land on the earth is not plain like railroad on modern cities. Hence, it means that a lot of hidden cost involved in road construction. If you sum up all costs needed to construct the road, you realize that although car is faster than horse, it costs much more expensive in order to do so.

Horse has no need for additional infrastructure like road. It is able to run equally on plain and rocky ground. Unlike car, horse is able to jump or pass through considerable obstruction along the way, like fallen tree and stones.

4. Horse requires no (or less) recycling effort after death

This is the part that probably not many people want to know. After your car is unusable for around 15-20 years, you need to dispose it. Unfortunately, unlike living creatures, car body is not bio-degradable. It takes more time, effort and expertise to recycle parts of old, rusty, broken car into reusable elements. Furthermore, not many people want to use car with recyclable components. Everybody always want the brand new products.

Unlike car, horse is living creature which can be buried even on your backyard after it dies.  It is recyclable automatically by nature. And the most important things: Some parts of the Bible (Isaiah 65: 25; 2 Kings 2: 11; Revelation 19: 11) and also based on Near Death Experience testimony of many people (like Todd Burpo and Eben Alexander) indicate that there will be animals in heaven. Unlike car, horse has a soul and you will be likely reunited with your horse in afterlife.

5. Horse causes less frequent and severe accidents

It is true that by using car, you can travel faster than using horse. However, like you know, traveling faster means more risk. There are virtually zero victim for accident among fellow pedestrians. In most severe case, you just get bruise on your head. Above walking is horse riding. At most, the accident will cause you broken bone. Your horse also unlikely to be die after collision.

In contrast, the probability for you to die in the accident involving fast-speed traveling by car is quite high since it will probably involve explosion. Even you survive, your car is unlikely to be usable. Unlike horse, you will need additional insurance cost to prevent to compensate.

6. Horse is able to interact and relate with human

In modern era, human has delegated basically everything that are used to be done by human or animal power with the machine for the sake of efficiency and speed. It is the same with horse replacement with automobile.

Efficiency is seemed like a good thing if it is the only consideration. However, as living and emotional being, human need to interact with other living beings to express their feeling. You cannot get two-way interaction with your car like you do with your horse. Some researches even said that keeping pets make you healthier.

7. Horse is more economical as it is able to generate new offspring

This is probably the only capability that will never be acquired by automobile technology. For all wonderful and convenience that are given by car, after it is broken you need to use your hard-earned money to buy the new one. Considering inflation, newer technologies and rising oil and gas price, new car will be likely far more expensive and costly than your previous car.

In contrast, using a pair of male and female horse to mate and born new offspring is more economical. It is because horse’s food is hay and grass.  It grows naturally and using neither oil nor money. Hence, the cost for raising your new horse will be virtually the same as your previous horse.

So, by all those reasons you should be convinced by now that newer things are not always better. Be aware of ruling class who are always obsessed with progress but what they want are actually your money and power to control and influence you. You do not need many fanciful technologies to be happy. Just content with what you have and make friends with more people to be happy.

About edwinlt

I am currently Indonesian expatriate working in Singapore. I am currently working as security researcher in National University of Singapore. I write this blog to share to readers about my life principle on various aspects, like religion, politics, business, relationship, and technology. I am interested in alternative worldviews because I found that many things taught to us by establishments are not true and harmful. My dream is to become self-sufficient in food and energy. Hopefully, someday I can have my own fruit garden and my own power plant and able to sell my electricity to power company. I hope readers enjoy my blog.
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3 Responses to Seven reasons why horse is better than car

  1. Expatriate says:

    A horse might consume less space, but a horse cart consumes more space than a car since it include a cart and a horse itself in front. Especially if there are more than two horses pulling a cart at the same time. Not everyone will content in riding a horse, a cart is still needed to transport goods/sick people.

    I believe when there are a lot of horse cart on the road, traffic light is still needed to make pedestrians/cyclist easy road-crossing, since not every rider will halt their horses whenever they see someone want to cross the road.

    When the manure drop on the road, then after one whole day there will be a lot of horse-shit on a busy road. It attracted a lot of flies, thus I believe it’s not healthy.

    There is one more thing about the horse, you must to feed it whether you use it everyday or not, even when the horse is sick. But with car, you just feed it with gasoline when you want to use it.

  2. Hmm interesting! Beside socio-economic benefits you outlined are there any physiological reasons why a horse might be better than a car?

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