Champions League Semifinal Leg 1: Bayern vs Barcelona 4-0

I am completely amazed, delighted and surprised at the same time during the match yesterday. I mean, you do not expect to win 4-0 against the best team in the world…But right now, it is clear to me that Heynckes is excellent coach.

On the other hand, I have uneasy feeling with transfer news especially Gotze and potentially also Lewandowski. It will transform Dortmund into another Arsenal-type club that only grow the football talents and then they all leave..

To fix this problem, I would suggest that FIFA and/or UEFA put the maximum salary and maximum transfer fee so that it will be easier for smaller teams to catch up…It also prevent club owners and managers to cultivate the talents from their youth academy instead of adopting instant style mentality like PSG, Chelsea, and Manchester City…

Goal highlight below:

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