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Overspecialized job is crushing your soul

Frankly speaking, I find that after working for around 4 years, the corporate world is freaking boring. Different from my experience in college where actually you were engaged into projects with multiple sub-fields, I hardly encountered new things during my … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about career change

Next week, I will start my part-time diploma program in Power Engineering. My intention is to learn relevant knowledge and do some projects on alternative energy so that I can get enough experience to start business in this field later. … Continue reading

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The meaning of ‘mutual submission’ in Ephesian 5: 21 and the way to prevent authority abuse

The sermon in my church this morning was taken from Titus 2:1-10. Essentially, pastor was talking about relationship among people in various social institutions such as family (v. 1-8) and business (v. 9-10) . Generally, I would say that the … Continue reading

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Corporations create job….after destroying one hundred times more…

Currently, I sick when I think that sometimes in the past I used to defend corporations as positive force in this world. Also, a lot of politicians defend that corporations should get a lot of favors from government by cheap … Continue reading

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