H1 2017 life update (Part 1)

After endless assignments, projects, paper submission and wedding preparation, eventually I have a time to write this update (Thanks, God!). From my previous post, readers would already know that for this H1 2017 I have two part-time jobs and two master coursework. I have not done such thing before so initially it seems so overwhelming.

So, ADSC internship turned out not so related with what I have expected. The project they are doing is more related to ICS (Industrial Control Systems), which I think to be more appropriate for electrical engineer instead of software engineer. There was not much coding involved. Basically, my main work during H1 2017 consisted of literature survey, developing attack model and solution requirement, setting VMs for simulation and deployed them into cloud environment (Google Cloud and Amazon AWS). However, I cannot complain because it is just part-time position. They have given me decent allowance (around S$700 dollar per month during study period and S$1,800 dollar per month during summer) and it greatly helped me to finance my wedding.

The sad thing is that most likely I cannot continue my internship into full-time position there. Until now, there is no confirmation on the project funding. Throughout 2-3 months of my internship there, there are around 8-9 full time staffs who resigned and they did not get any replacement. That included my teammate under the same project, who cannot find the job in Singapore and he need to move to Thailand (He got the job in Agoda). Another colleague has a financial issue because his child was not accepted into Singapore public school (Private school is quite expensive in Singapore – it will cost around S$1,000-1,500) and he and his family eventually relocated to Australia.

In the end, my supervisor and me submitted one paper for IEEE SmartGridComm. We will know the result in mid-July if the paper is accepted.

For my job in Hiend, luckily there was not much issues. Admittedly, my manager told me to do UAT or PROD deployment at the same time as NUS assignment deadline and it is really tiring to go to three or four places at the same day (ADSC office in Fusionopolis, Hiend office in Tai Seng, NEA in Newton, and NUS SoC for meeting with my group mates). I am supposed to have one project with Ministry of Education which need to be done. However, due to unavailable schedule, I need to postpone it after exam period.

One interesting thing is that when this project is signed I am in dire need of cash because of my wedding’s vendor payment. I am not expecting pay cut last year and I also underestimate my wedding cost. Hence, I requested my manager to give me the cash bonus first because the project has already signed-off and confirmed. Usually, I am only able to get my bonus after completion of the project. But, surprisingly, my request was granted and I am thanking God for that =D.

For my NUS coursework, I took two modules this semester – Wireless Networking and Advanced Operating Systems.

I took Wireless Networking because ADSC also has IoT project, which I am interested to do. The substantial portion of module content is related to hardware and physics. Some physical formula involved such as radio signal strength and energy capacity. I never have to deal with such thing before as computer science so it is some learning curve for me. Then, this module also has tutorial which need to be done and your attendance is part of assessment. The tutorial is done during working hour as this is undergraduate course. Hence, it is quite challenging for me and I never have a time to even take a look at the tutorial.

Furthermore, I need to deal with some teammates which seems do not have much appetite or time to do assignment properly. From my estimation, I need to do around 70-80% of the assignment and even then one of them cannot finish their part. One of them lied to say he has finished his part (data collection for Wi-Fi fingerprint at assigned public place) but the night before deadline he said he has not done it, because when he reached the place, he was running out of battery and did not bring any charger. During discussion, he also never present and even for presentation although I already told them the time and venue. Eventually, we have no choice but to report him to our lecturer (He actually asked us where is our teammate and we said that he is not contactable).

For another course (Advanced Operating Systems), I found it more beneficial as I learned about kernel and driver programming. Most of the time, we always coded at the surface layer using Java or C# and hence it is quite interesting experience for me. But last part of the module is very challenging because we are given research project (20% of the grade) and also driver development project (also 20% of the grade) and the deadline are quite similar.

Hence, I need to do a trick to complete those assignments on-time. The research project gave us option to find topics on either distributed operating systems, mobile operating systems and NFS (Network File Systems). Because I have done research project on static analysis of obfuscated code in Android platform for another module last semester and I got really good result (A+), I simply rephrased existing report and added some new contents inside (elaborate on dynamic analyzer). It saved me a lot of time. Otherwise, I may not able to get good result for this. Eventually, I still got A grade for this module =D. (Sometime you just need a bit of luck in life to have success…)

I will continue with part 2 sometime later

About edwinlt

I am currently Indonesian expatriate working in Singapore. I am currently working as security researcher in National University of Singapore. I write this blog to share to readers about my life principle on various aspects, like religion, politics, business, relationship, and technology. I am interested in alternative worldviews because I found that many things taught to us by establishments are not true and harmful. My dream is to become self-sufficient in food and energy. Hopefully, someday I can have my own fruit garden and my own power plant and able to sell my electricity to power company. I hope readers enjoy my blog.
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