Obvious parallels between Noctis and Jesus in FF XV

In FF XIII the story highlights the chaotic universe ruled by mostly evil gods and the main character is Alpha Female (Lightning) who opposes those gods and lead humanity to the peaceful godless world (in the sense, no supreme authority). In contrast, FF XV, the story highlights the sovereignty of gods who endowed elected nation of Lucis to wield the power of crystal for benefits of humanity. The protagonist is Alpha Male (Noctis) who submits to God’s benevolent ordained will to sacrifice himself to purge evil force in the world and to pay for sins of his ancestor (Somnus).


Noctis and Lightning – The tales of Two Alphas

Some of the obvious parallels are:

  • Kingdom of Lucis symbolizes Israel and Insomnia symbolizes Jerusalem
  • Kingdom of Niflheim symbolizes Babylon who controls most of the world
  • The leader of Kingdom of Niflheim (Ardyn) symbolizes Anti-Christ
  • The God of Fire (Ifrit) who corporate with Ardyn to destroy human symbolizes Devil
  • The God of Blade (Bahamut) who preordained both Noctis to become sacrificial lamb and Ardyn to become scapegoat symbolizes Supreme God
  • Crystal symbolizes Holy Spirit, whose power is accessible for elected people
  • Lunafreya symbolizes Virgin Mary – her design was inspired from Woman of the Apocalypse in the Book of Revelation – (from here – Etymology and Symbolism)
  • Noctis symbolizes Jesus, who also has the title of King of Kings, and he also died at 30-years old (around the same as Jesus). He has 13 swords which maybe symbolizes 12 apostles plus Paul. He also has three close bodyguards (Prompto, Ignis and Gladio) who symbolizes Peter, John and James. He mingled with commoners around the kingdom instead of people with high social status. After defeating Ardyn, he let Kings of Lucis stabbed him to complete sacrifice and afterward said ‘it’s done…’

Character and Worldview Comparison

Based on the character strength, Lightning is far stronger than Noctis at the beginning of the game. Noctis is still 20-years old whiny little prince who is sheltered by three bodyguards whereas Lightning has already become soldier to take care of her little sister since 15 years old. Noctis is Alpha by social status and endowment of divine power, not by his own merit, unlike Lightning, but he is more likeable and approachable character, which score points for me.

Furthermore, as the game continues, Noctis began to grow in maturity and won all decisive battles whereas Lightning and her group flopped. Only in last battle against Bhunivelze, she won, with help of Hope and others. This is the important character of Alpha Male, to show up when the occasion really matters

Noctis Lightning
Enemy Result Enemy Result
Astrals – Archean Win Fal’cie – Anima Lose
Astrals – Hydrean Win Fal’cie – Orphan Lose
Astrals – Infernian Win Fal’cie – Caius Lose
Ardyn Win Bhunivelze Win

Lastly, Lightning turned back from her obligation to become Goddess of Death in the last moment because of her insecurity (she is lucky that Hope and Yeul come to rescue her…), but Noctis completed the divine assignment to sacrifice himself and completely purge evil from the world.

So, sorry for all Lightning fanboys….character and strength wise, Noctis still won the contest…although she is the strongest female of all FF series.

The contrast between two worldview is that in FF XIII, fate ordained from evil God can be overturned by sheer combined good power from humanity, whereas in FF XV, God’s will is unalterable, for both good and bad side. God ordained both good (Noctis) and evil (Ardyn) person onto their place regardless of their personal preference (Ardyn is originally healer but is being assigned as bringer of darkness by God).

Of course, both views are wrong but that does not matter. It is quite entertaining for the games to have these thoughtful story and it is much better than FF XIII overall.

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