Recap all FF male and female main characters by personality and my preference

So, we have previously seen various types of couples in FF series. This time, I want to enumerate all FF male and female main characters, personality wise and my favourite out of those characters. For disclaimer, I do not think one category is superior to another since it depends on the situation. I believe that society has a place for people with each personality both male and female, if proper responsibility is understood correctly. Although, I don’t think the place for each category is equally distributed though…

To make it simple, personality of main male characters are classified into two types:

  • Serious / Authoritative
  • Laid-back/Playful/Friendly

And for female characters, they also are divided into two types:

  • Gentle / Feminine
  • Tomboy / Assertive

Here are all male and female characters’ classification based on the category:

Serious/Authoritative Laid-back/Playful/Friendly
Name Origin Name Origin
Cloud FF VII Zidane FF IX
Squall FF VIII Tidus FF X
Noctis FF XV Vaan FF XII


Gentle/Feminine Tomboy/Assertive
Name Origin Name Origin
Aerith FF VII Tifa FF VII
Garnet FF IX Lightning FF XIII
Yuna FF X
Lunafreya FF XV

My favourite for male category:

  • Serious / Authoritative – Noctis (FF XV)
  • Laid-back / Playful / Friendly – Hope (FF XIII)

Noctis Lucis Caelum      Hope Estheim

My favourite for female category:

  • Gentle / Feminine – Garnet (FF IX)
  • Tomboy / Assertive – Lightning (FF XIII)

Princess Garnet  lightning-wallpaper.jpg

Reason for Noctis:

  • His selfless sacrifice as obedience to gods to purge planet and sins of his ancestor
  • Although he is a royal descent, he mingled and played with commoners
  • He is accomodative and extrovert leader (in contrast to Lightning, who is strict and aloof)
  • First FF male protagonist with beard (yes, I like that), which made him very similar to Jesus Christ

Reason for Hope:

  • We are from same profession….I am also researcher in university…
  • His intelligence – ability to create new Cocoon and artificial intelligence (I am currently researching deep learning for security solution, it will be nice if I have those skills….)
  • His loyalty and patience to wait for his lover, Lightning, for a thousand year, although he is quite popular and has a girl who seems like him (Alyssa)

Reason for Garnet:

  • Her humility although she is of royal descent
  • Her willingness to entrust herself to Zidane, who is a commoner, instead of staying in her comfort zone because of royal corruption
  • She sings the game theme (Melodies of Life) with beautiful voice

Reason for Lightning:

  • Her fearlessness to disobey and fight against evil gods and government.
  • Shouldering responsibility as breadwinner and guardian for her younger sister since very young age (15 years old)
  • She has a tall, athletic, and muscular body (yes, I like that) and that cocky, confident smile when defeating enemies

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I am currently Indonesian expatriate working in Singapore. I am currently working as security researcher in National University of Singapore. I write this blog to share to readers about my life principle on various aspects, like religion, politics, business, relationship, and technology. I am interested in alternative worldviews because I found that many things taught to us by establishments are not true and harmful. My dream is to become self-sufficient in food and energy. Hopefully, someday I can have my own fruit garden and my own power plant and able to sell my electricity to power company. I hope readers enjoy my blog.
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