About Me

I am Indonesian expatriate that is currently working in Singapore and working as security researcher in National University of Singapore and Institute of Infocomm Research (I2R).

I write this blog to share to readers about my life principles, my thought about general institution in society (particularly religion, politics and business) and analysis about current affairs on how a group of rich and powerful people rule the world and creating various disasters to establish their domination (called New World Order by conspiracy theorists).

Having said so, I am not doom and gloom prophet or fearmongerer as I do not think the world will end soon and after this disaster (which by a lot of fundamentalists are called The End of Times), there will be a new beginning. However, the thing will be messy and disastrous and I put a lot of plan I thought will be helpful for average people to be better prepared for Appocalypse. Among them are:

Alternative religion based on house gathering instead of instutionalized and commercialized religion with big building, unusually expensive equipments, buying and selling inside church and celebrity pastor with multi-million dollars salary. Emphasizing more on spiritual practices such as common prayer, worship and mysticism instead of textual-based religion like those practiced by fundamentalists which caused endless division and conflict.

Alternative currency to bypass monopoly of US dollar which is created by unaccountable private institution called Federal Reserves, using interest to issue currency which cause endless increase of money supply and hence, inflation. To encounter this, we can use commodity money (like precious metals), cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or to lobby local government to use their own local currency to reduce economic dependency on US economy.

Alternative education to liberate mass from censored information and false idea of credentialism by money establishment in the big universities and corporations. Countless young and bright students are suddenly hopeless after collecting $100k or more student loan for 4-years degree and remain unemployed. Using homeschooling, online degree and peer-to-peer university to make education more personal, efficient and democratic.

Alternative medicine using herbalism, accupuncture, accupressure, breathing technique, and healthy dietary to provide more affordable and holistic medical care for average people without any need to break the bank and to break monopoly of Big Pharmaceutical companies which manufactured drugs for profit and producing countless side effect, bacteria and virus mutations and then re-manufacture another drug for those mutated virus and so on.

– Alternative energy to avoid environmental disasters caused by capital-intensive fossil fuel and nuclear energy. Fracking and oil spill causing unprecendented environmental disasters and Big Oil is still continuing operation. Since petroleum is also used mostly for military machines, by using fossil fuel you are indirectly financing United States and other big countries for arm race. Solar, wind and water power are universally accessible for people and hence will empower community instead of making money for big oil and military-industrial complex.

Alternative romance. While heterosexual traditional monogamy is a gold standard for romantic relationship throughout ages, other types of living arrangement are acceptable, including role-reversal, polygamy and singlehood. However, other types of more degenerate relationship such as same-sex relationship, pedophilia and bestiality should not be allowed.

I hope readers enjoy my blog.

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