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What globalism did to people

A good article from Zero Hedge: Documentary on the decline of small farms and the rural economy in France highlights what we’ve lost in the decades-long rush to globalize and financialize everything on the planet— what we call Neoliberalism, the … Continue reading

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The Defense of Nationalism

The main motivation of this blog – if all of you readers recall – is to enlighten you on how the ruling class, whether it is religious or secular, feeding you with misinformation, false worldviews, unethical and destructive lifestyles and … Continue reading

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Lightning (FF XIII), alpha female, and gender role (Part 3)

So, this will be my last post for this topic. As you grow older, you realized that majority of the people who reached adulthood have a good understanding of general rules of life. Of course, those general rules are not … Continue reading

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Managerial lessons from Bible to have a righteous business

In our society, the worldview that we should have our own self-interest fulfilled before we considered other people, environment or even God is very widespread. Even among people that claim and insist that they follow certain rigid ethical rules, upon … Continue reading

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Debunking fascism of intellectual property – Part 3 (Social argument)

So we have come to last part of series about intellectual property. In my previous two posts, I have talked about IP considered from moral perspective. From moral perspective, I considered charging fee for distribution of property you have bought as … Continue reading

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