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Coronavirus and spiritual warfare

From LifeSiteNews: Priests reveal how coronavirus crisis has unleashed ‘intense demonic activity’ April 3, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A malevolent force kept by my side when I was dying in a hospital room in 2009. Repeatedly, though, Fr. William Spacek … Continue reading

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The importance of gift of prophecy to reveal hidden problems and sins

Due to influence of secular humanism, miraculous spiritual gifts are completely vanished from modern evangelical churches. Most churches are now reduced to merely country clubs with human made programs and increasingly become ineffective to edify their congregations. There are a … Continue reading

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Probably miracle from God – healing from stomachache

Tonight after having dinner with Hong Kong Fried Noodle at Kopitiam in Singapore Post Centre, I went immediately to Raffles Place to have Japanese course. At the MRT, I read some Japanese materials when I felt sudden pain on my … Continue reading

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