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A visit to The Animal Resort

Since I have passed my peak working and study period, I have quite some free time and hence I thought it is a good time to make a trip to a farm. Especially this farm, because there is a horse … Continue reading

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Dog breeds which become famous by movie

Admittedly, before recently I have not done any research on dog breeds. I only know some of them by movies. I am thinking of getting pets someday in the future. I just do not know yet what should I keep: … Continue reading

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My reading list plan for second half of 2013

To escape from work and life routine, I found it is always good to do self-learning outside my expertise area (computer engineering) to find out truth and adjust your life accordingly. Hence, I often wonder around bookstore in various section, … Continue reading

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Seven reasons why horse is better than car

In my previous post, I have discussed on how ruling elites (government, corporations and banks) have relentlessly promoted this idea of progress to brainwash population. It is done so that they can get money, power and influence to average, uninformed … Continue reading

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