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The Lord Is My Shepherd

I just heard this music last night during my daily meditation and it touched my soul. It remind us no matter how difficult the circumstances is in The End of the Times, the LORD our God will still lead us. … Continue reading

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Book Review – Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell by Vassula Ryden

In my previous post, I mentioned that I set the target to finish reading and digesting five books in last-half of 2013. However, due to laziness, weariness after working and part-time studying and a lot of thinking about the future, … Continue reading

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You Carried Me

I browsed my song collection from my cell phone. Then, I found this song and when I played it I liked it very much. It touched my heart after awhile. I just give the lyrics to you and will post … Continue reading

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The importance of gift of prophecy to reveal hidden problems and sins

Due to influence of secular humanism, miraculous spiritual gifts are completely vanished from modern evangelical churches. Most churches are now reduced to merely country clubs with human made programs and increasingly become ineffective to edify their congregations. There are a … Continue reading

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Five types of life path in this apocalyptic age

Usually, for people who are in late twenties and thirties, the most common question and thought in their mind are about their future career, lifestyle, and dream. What kind of person you want to be remembered when you are old … Continue reading

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