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H1 2017 life update (Part 1)

After endless assignments, projects, paper submission and wedding preparation, eventually I have a time to write this update (Thanks, God!). From my previous post, readers would already know that for this H1 2017 I have two part-time jobs and two … Continue reading

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Strange bug in Visual Studio

OK, It has been a long time I never post about programming here although I am supposed to be software engineer (or probably more IT consultant for last 1 year). I encountered this strange bug which cause cannot be identified. … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about career change

Next week, I will start my part-time diploma program in Power Engineering. My intention is to learn relevant knowledge and do some projects on alternative energy so that I can get enough experience to start business in this field later. … Continue reading

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Five reasons why book is better than computer

In modern times, the corporate elites and mass media have very powerful impact to daily life of average people. We have been told continuously in the school, university and society that we are better than ancient people because we have … Continue reading

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Solving another error related to Entity Data Framework…

It is frustrating if even after you have done unit testing to your program, there will be always another type of error when you try to execute it in real environment. After testing for around 2 weeks, I still deal … Continue reading

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