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Our new guest in Dissidia NT

At last, Ardyn appeared

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Another FF VII Remake trailer

Unfortunately, the release date is coincide with my qualifying exam =(

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New FF VII Remake Trailer

New trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2019: And our wholesome polygamous couple – Cloud, Tifa and Aerith =D.

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Recap all FF male and female main characters by personality and my preference

So, we have previously seen various types of couples in FF series. This time, I want to enumerate all FF male and female main characters, personality wise and my favourite out of those characters. For disclaimer, I do not think … Continue reading

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Champions League Semifinal Leg 1: Bayern vs Barcelona 4-0

I am completely amazed, delighted and surprised at the same time during the match yesterday. I mean, you do not expect to win 4-0 against the best team in the world…But right now, it is clear to me that Heynckes … Continue reading

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