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Psalms 104 – Praise to God for nature

In the world which is full with technological inventions fueled by unlimited human greed and ideology of progress, it is easy to forget that we are still depending on God’s creations which is nature to provide our basic needs. We … Continue reading

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Usury as root of economic injustice and oppression – can it be abolished?

We will examine another root of virtually all economic problems in our times which is usury aka bank interest. Usury is defined as Merriam-Webster dictionary as 1) Interest; 2) the lending of money with an interest charge for its use. … Continue reading

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Debunking Idea of Technological Progress

The common Idea of Progress is that as human species evolves through evolutionary stages, we will become better species through various means such as scientific and technological innovations, better political, economical, educational and social system without causing any or little … Continue reading

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