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What globalism did to people

A good article from Zero Hedge: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/what-weve-lost Documentary on the decline of small farms and the rural economy in France highlights what we’ve lost in the decades-long rush to globalize and financialize everything on the planet— what we call Neoliberalism, the … Continue reading

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Tour to tropical fruit garden in Bogor

Yesterday, a church senior member gave me wonderful opportunity to visit his fruit garden business in Bogor. Since until now, most of the information I got for planting tropical fruits are only books and Internet, it was a great pleasure … Continue reading

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Cleanliness in Old Testament – unclean foods, ejaculation and menstruation

Among evangelical churches, the topic of holiness is emphasized quite a lot. We are warned against backsliding, to check ourselves whether we have any hidden sins in our life, and whether we continue our daily meditation and prayer to the … Continue reading

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Healthy food of the Bible – Fruits, Vegetables and Honey

In previous articles, I have talked about violence as it is related to 6th commandment. In 6th commandment of law (Thou shall not murder), God wants human to preserve life to create peace and order. Violence harms and destroys life … Continue reading

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