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Recently answered prayers

One thing which I find lacking in evangelical (Protestant) churches is the regular testimony of answered prayers. The typical evangelical churches will usually try to argue that it is not good to base our faith in God based on our … Continue reading

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Still another confirmation…now 99.9% it is miracle..

I still curious about so-called the ‘resurrection’ of my cell phone. Previously, I tried to adopt skeptical point of view and fully charging my phone and then see whether the battery will last for 15 days. It turned out that … Continue reading

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Resurrection of my cell phone case revisited – probably around 99% it is miracle…

OK, so it has been 3 days since so called ‘miracle’ happened to my phone. I am very curious about unusual nature of this miracle since it happened with machine (in contrast with resurrection of the dead human in Scriptures). … Continue reading

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My previously malfunctioned cell phone is able to function now – miracle or coincidence?

My cell phone has a problem around since about 1-2 month ago. When I was about to get up from my bed, I accidentally kicked my phone charger and bent the USB cable connected to the adapter. Since then, a … Continue reading

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False dilemma told by your pastor – We do not need miracle since we already have Bible

I have a big problem with cessationism. Initially, I thought that this kind of view is only limited to some very extreme fundamentalist churches. However, I found that this view is very widespread among Protestant churches (My former church in … Continue reading

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