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Book Review – Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell by Vassula Ryden

In my previous post, I mentioned that I set the target to finish reading and digesting five books in last-half of 2013. However, due to laziness, weariness after working and part-time studying and a lot of thinking about the future, … Continue reading

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My reading list plan for second half of 2013

To escape from work and life routine, I found it is always good to do self-learning outside my expertise area (computer engineering) to find out truth and adjust your life accordingly. Hence, I often wonder around bookstore in various section, … Continue reading

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Still another confirmation…now 99.9% it is miracle..

I still curious about so-called the ‘resurrection’ of my cell phone. Previously, I tried to adopt skeptical point of view and fully charging my phone and then see whether the battery will last for 15 days. It turned out that … Continue reading

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Resurrection of my cell phone case revisited – probably around 99% it is miracle…

OK, so it has been 3 days since so called ‘miracle’ happened to my phone. I am very curious about unusual nature of this miracle since it happened with machine (in contrast with resurrection of the dead human in Scriptures). … Continue reading

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My previously malfunctioned cell phone is able to function now – miracle or coincidence?

My cell phone has a problem around since about 1-2 month ago. When I was about to get up from my bed, I accidentally kicked my phone charger and bent the USB cable connected to the adapter. Since then, a … Continue reading

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