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My previously malfunctioned cell phone is able to function now – miracle or coincidence?

My cell phone has a problem around since about 1-2 month ago. When I was about to get up from my bed, I accidentally kicked my phone charger and bent the USB cable connected to the adapter. Since then, a … Continue reading

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False dilemma told by your pastor – We do not need miracle since we already have Bible

I have a big problem with cessationism. Initially, I thought that this kind of view is only limited to some very extreme fundamentalist churches. However, I found that this view is very widespread among Protestant churches (My former church in … Continue reading

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The importance of gift of prophecy to reveal hidden problems and sins

Due to influence of secular humanism, miraculous spiritual gifts are completely vanished from modern evangelical churches. Most churches are now reduced to merely country clubs with human made programs and increasingly become ineffective to edify their congregations. There are a … Continue reading

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Five types of life path in this apocalyptic age

Usually, for people who are in late twenties and thirties, the most common question and thought in their mind are about their future career, lifestyle, and dream. What kind of person you want to be remembered when you are old … Continue reading

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Book Review – Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander

Introduction It has been said by some people that the reason why supernatural things become more popular by the end of last century is because people want to escape the routine life process. Since supernatural things do not happen routinely … Continue reading

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