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The drama of Q1 2020

Time for another life update: I was accepted as senior research engineer in Institute of Infocomm Research (I2R),  Singapore’s government research lab in Cyber Security department. It is just about the time when corona virus about to spread worldwide. The … Continue reading

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2019 is the year of drama

Here are what happened during 2019: I was rejected by first and second choice of PhD advisor in NUS. I learned that just being capable is not good enough inside competitive university. There are politics of favoring of choosing students … Continue reading

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Our new guest in Dissidia NT

At last, Ardyn appeared

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Another FF VII Remake trailer

Unfortunately, the release date is coincide with my qualifying exam =(

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Why you should not listen to successful people

In summary, here is why: Because of survivorship bias Because a lot of them are scammer Because they never told the story of failed people who do exactly the same thing

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