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Recap of all types of romantic relationship (FF series)

Recap of all relationships in society with the example from Final Fantasy series. The order is based on my preference (this is mainly based on pro-creation criteria). Alpha and beta here means the dominant and supporting role. But I do … Continue reading

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2014 life update

As the end of the year is approaching, I find it will be useful for me to recap the significant events of the year happened in my life. When my grandma passed away, we discovered that actually she kept her … Continue reading

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Adult vs children’s criteria for spouse

Ok, so from previous post I have said that if you want to get married, you should find the person who are suitable to become good spouse instead of good friend. So, I can elaborate further from what I understand, … Continue reading

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Good spouse vs good friend

I just have a conversation with church friend. Mostly, it is about the way by which we should find our spouse. My friend, like most people in my generation, think that we should search and befriend some girls as we … Continue reading

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Five things to check to determine if a person you meet will become a good friend

I decided to still continue the tips about meeting people online since I still feel upset about my last encounter. The last girl whom I met said that claimed that she cannot be ‘100% serious’ even after talking with me … Continue reading

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