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My first Digital Principles Lab

As mentioned before, for this semester I took two modules which are Electrical Principles and Digital Principles. I have posted the pictures for the former. Today, I just went through the first lab session for Digital Principles. Take a look … Continue reading

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My first Electrical Principle Lab

I am taking two modules this semester in Singapore Polytechnic, which is Digital Principle and Electrical Principle. For the former one, I used to learn it in my first year of Computer Science course. It is basically about binary logic … Continue reading

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Ending my hypocrisy about usury by moving my money to Islamic bank

Previously, I have spoken against usury and most of passive income. However, I realized that I am hypocrite since I was still saving my money inside conventional banking system and put my money into interest-bearing securities and investment in usury-based … Continue reading

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Recently answered prayers

One thing which I find lacking in evangelical (Protestant) churches is the regular testimony of answered prayers. The typical evangelical churches will usually try to argue that it is not good to base our faith in God based on our … Continue reading

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